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Rianne and Philip Wedding: Our Colored Glass Photo Magnets
Rianne and Philip Wedding: Our Black-and-white Glass Photo Magnets
Rianne and Philip Wedding: Our Playing Cards Design
Rianne and Philip Wedding: Rianne’s Luggage Tag
Rianne and Philip Wedding: Philip’s Luggage Tag
Rianne and Philip Wedding: Our Wedding Puzzle
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Rianne Hill Soriano Demo Reel

This three-minute reel features selected directorial project clips from both my commercial works and independent films.

These excerpts showcase animation, motion graphics and interactive video productions, emotion pieces with kid, family, couple, and adult characters, diverse genre scenes, natural and man-made tourist attractions, industrial spaces, and realty structures.

Music inspired by Ghostpocalypse by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 and arranged and mixed by Philip Arvin Jarilla.

Please watch in HD if you can. Thanks!

Rianne Hill Soriano Director’s Showreel
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My most personal edited project to date; our most personal video collaboration to date. Thanks to our frequent collaborator production designer Joy who made my GoPro bridal bouquet inspired by our “Denim Neo-classic” theme. Like the designs for our wedding, the bridal bouquet used recycled materials as well.

I shot my own wedding and my husband, who frequently collaborates with me on my film and commercial projects as sound engineer and/or scorer, worked on the audio requirements.

For the most part, this wedding film was shot on a first-person perspective, giving a raw, more personal and genuine chronicling of a wedding from the viewpoints of those involved in this special occasion.

Let us share the intimacy of a wedding celebration from the “other” camera perspective — the bride’s. And at some point, the couple’s and the wedding party’s perspectives as well.

Watch the entirety of the professionally edited 29 minutes, 38 seconds of this GoPro-shot wedding or simply give the first 3 minutes a chance, then let’s see if you want to keep up with what’s next…

Best watched in HD (1080p).

Next time, we’ll upload the official wedding video with full coverage of our wedding celebration from the traditional perspective, then there will be a balance between the two points of view.


Click here for:
Rianne and Philip Wedding Facebook Page
Rianne and Philip Wedding Website

Rianne & Philip Wedding Shot with GoPro Bridal Bouquet
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Video #1 documentation filmed during the “Inside Out” Press Conference in Manila, Philippines with director Pete Docter and co-director Ronnie del Carmen.

From filmmakers’ introduction to the “Inside Out” story development to Pete and Ronnie’s working relationship at Pixar.

Unplanned handheld shots with my GoPro, and I guess the footage turned out fine nevertheless — thanks to the awesome responses from these two smart and creative guys from Pixar.

Video #1: How the Story Came About From the ‘Inside Out’ Directors
Rianne and Philip Wedding Photo Canvas Design
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Cinema continues to develop better technologies to keep up with the rising demand for valuable and entertaining film content.

For more than 100 years since its birth, the movie industry has evolved much as an art form and a creative industry. Since then, it has provided major contributions in the arts, culture, politics and technology. And whether it’s in Hollywood, Bollywood or any other film industry center in the world, each one continues to develop better technologies to keep up with the rising demand for valuable and entertaining content. And this is where computer animation gets incorporated in the film’s special effects, which serves as a powerful tool to tell impressive stories in the film medium. Instead of the traditional way of drawing each movement frame by frame (24 hand-drawn frames with incremental changes in each drawing’s movement for a one second motion), the digital process allows for less drawings and utilizing computer software to enhance each image of the moving picture.

A Brief History of Computer Animation

Computer animation started way back in the 80’s with “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan” using computer techniques to generate the “Genesis Effect” scene. “Jurassic Park” also used computer-generated images for realistic living creatures in the film. The ’90s saw the significant impact of computer animation with “Toy Story,” the first full digital-animated feature that became a box office success and garnered many technical awards in top award-giving bodies including The Academy Awards. “Babe,” a combination of live and computer animated effects, became a huge hit as well. This animation timeline continued in the new millennium with “Shrek,” “The Lord of the Rings,” and many more.

Animation and Special Effects

Going beyond the realistic world allows the viewers to escape from their own lives towards out-of-this-world and hyper-realistic experiences in audio-visual form. There are even some cinematic works mainly relying on computer artists’ digital animation and special effects skills to make the film bankable with such visual flair and wow factor.

There are many aspects involved in the job — character design, digital painting (traditional painting techniques such as watercolor and oils are applied using digital tools through computer software), texture mapping (a method of adding detail and surface texture, a bitmap or raster image, or color to a computer-generated graphic or 3D model), in betweening (a process of generating intermediate frames between two images to give the appearance that the first image moves smoothly towards the second image where key frames help create the illusion of motion), lighting effects, camera movements, and other special effects and animation methods.

The full spectrum of animation in filmmaking is quite large. Animation jobs may include works for a film’s opening/closing billboard or credits (making the opening credits of “Spiderman” or the closing credits of “Alice in Wonderland”), a production outfit’s logo (making the Warner Bros. logo fit the mood and the applicable look for any specific film like in the case of “300”), special effects on scenes (like in the “Harry Potter” movies) and more. There are films requiring photorealistic and seamless 3D rendering and animation (like in “Avatar”). There are those requiring the use of motion capture technology where a real actor’s movements are captured into the computer through attached points on the actor’s body in order to recreate an entirely new character (the historical use of motion capture is best utilized in the character Gollum of “The Lord of the Rings” and “”The Hobbit” trilogies).

Fantasy, Epic and Adventure Movies

Fantasy and adventure movies like “The Chronicles of Narnia,” “King Kong,” “How to Train Your Dragon,” and “2012” offer spectators the chance to explore worlds beyond imagination.

Filming such thrilling creations of the mind requires much resources. To a certain point, it is impossible to shoot all required elements live — and this is where animation and digital art become parts of the overall special effects process of creating spectacular fantasy realms for the viewers to enjoy. From the digital backgrounds to the magical creatures, animators and special effects artists work hand-in-hand to realize every filmmaker’s vision for his or her film.

Action and Superhero Movies

For all those engaging stunts and chasing scenes for films like “Wanted,” “Transformers, “Iron Man,” and “Sin City,” the magic of recreating or enhancing live action shots has long become the source of adrenaline for many action movie fans. Animation and special effects can make a huge blast without the risk of getting people hurt with an actual blow-out scene. Martial arts and all sorts of fight scenes are also enhanced to make them look more cinematic and suspense-filled. The way blood gets shown during fights can be realistic or anything beyond real — depending on the director’s more detailed instructions.

Horror and Suspense Movies

Using digital magic through the concept of animation and computer graphics are very important in a number of horror movies requiring gore and goosebump-inducing sights of spirits (“The Ring”), monsters (“28 Weeks Later”), and possessed beings (“The Exorcism of Emily Rose”). With animation, special effects, sound effects, and music, a horror film becomes such a hit. Otherwise, if the audience doesn’t get to accept the movie’s make-believe offer, the motion picture loses the chance to tell a good story, then it fails to impress the viewers from getting those much-needed horrific chills.

Romance, Musical, Comedy, and Drama Movies

Even romance, musical, comedy, and dramas can utilize computer animation to make the storytelling more technically and thematically polished. It doesn’t always have to be a magical scene or a huge explosion. It can be a simple background change or a significant computer-generated image to enhance specific scenes. These are usually utilized to make things look as if they are part of any regular scene. Such effects are available in movies like “Australia,” “Mamma Mia,” “Shallow Hal,” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

The Success of Walt Disney

Since Walt Disney’s release of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937, animated films aimed at family audiences have become the company’s niche. For decades, Disney has produced films using traditional animation, until computer graphics became a game-changing technology in the film industry starting the late 90’s.

The animation medium extends into the many formats becoming more available to filmmakers. Disney continues to explore the ever-changing playing field of cinema by also producing live action films within the same target market.Since late 2000’s,, showing 3D movies has become a viable trend for top movie studios.

The Impressive Track Record of Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios has a consistently impressive track record for quality feature and short films, complete with their trademark of having a short film before every main feature like in the case of their classic offerings “Finding Nemo,” “Wall-E,” and “Up”).

After a few films mainly pioneering in computer animation, Pixar films readily rose up the ladder during the 90’s to become in par with the works of top animation companies in Hollywood. Its box office successes back up the studios’ countless awards for both the technical and thematic brilliance of their films like in major award-giving bodies Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films for “The Incredibles,” BAFTA Awards for “Monsters, Inc.,” and Golden Globes for “Ratatouille.” The company proves that the right combination of proprietary technology and world-class creative talent is the key to the animation film industry’s success. With such memorable characters and heartwarming stories appealing to audiences of all ages, it is no surprise that Pixar teams up with the veteran Disney in creating many great films that are now mostly classics in world cinema history.

“Animation Career Information: Become an Animator,” A Digital Dreamer.

“The History of Animation: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Studio System in the Production of an Art Form,” Digital Media FX.

Why Computer Animation is Important to the Film Industry?
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Best Museums in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not all about hotels and gambling. It has some of the finest museums in the U.S. While there are dozens of museums and exhibits of various themes and interests located all over the city, these are the best ones to check out when visiting Las Vegas:

Atomic Testing Museum

755 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119;702-794-5161

With 8,000 square feet of gallery and exhibit hall and a specialty gift store called the ATM Store, the Atomic Testing Museum provides multiple viewpoints of the Nevada Test Site and its impact on the country. It features many artifacts from the Smithsonian Institution, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and pieces of the Berlin Wall and World Trade Centers. Its design offers a highly interactive experience filled with touch screens, motion sensitive plasma TV presentations, audio interviews with former workers from the test site, and other valuable multimedia components for the benefit of museum visitors.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art Museum
3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109; 702-693-7871

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is Las Vegas’ premier exhibition venue hosting various exhibits of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art by the world’s leading and most influential artists. It has already featured works of many renowned artists from Picasso to Warhol. Its rotating museum-caliber exhibitions offer visitors rare opportunities to view legendary and historical works of art carefully selected from prestigious international collections.

Clark County Museum
1830 S. Boulder Highway, Henderson, Nevada 89002; 702-455-7955

The Clark County Museum provides guests with the uniquely valuable experience of visiting Southern Nevada’s past. Visitors can tour many sites such as the Heritage House, Mobile America, Beckley House, Esslinger Barn, Giles/Barcus House, Boulder City Depot, and Candlelight Wedding Chapel. Its Heritage Street features unique collections of historic homes restored to recreate lifestyles of important periods in local Nevadan history. There are replicas of the 1900s newspaper print shop Donald Reynolds Printshop, outdoor exhibits of a resurrected ghost town, a Paiute Indian Camp, and a Pueblo-style Exhibit Center providing a historical journey through its timeline from the Ice Age to the Age of Entertainment.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum
900 North Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101; 702-384-3466

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum features animated dinosaurs, Southern Nevadan plant and animal life, international wildlife room, shark exhibit with live sharks, children’s hands-on exploration room, exhibitions about the African Savanna and African Rainforest, and other interactive natural science exhibitions and educational programs geared towards understanding, appreciation, and natural history preservation of the planet’s wildlife, ecosystems, and cultures.

Liberace Museum
1775 E. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada; 702-798-5595

The Liberace Museum features collections of jewelry, pianos, rare cars, costumes, antiques, customized automobiles, and elaborate costumes from Liberace’s million-dollar wardrobe. The entertainer and pianist Liberace was a mainstay of Las Vegas for many decades. His diamond-studded gold piano, fabulous capes, million-dollar furs, a Louis XV desk owned by Czar Nicholas II of Russia, an authentic uniform from Czar Nicholas, a piano played by Frederic Francois Chopin, and a concert grand owned by George Gershwin can all be seen in the museum. It also displays the world’s largest collection of rhinestones and other memorabilia.

Lied Discovery Children’s Museum
833 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89101; 702-382-3445

One of the largest children’s museums in the U.S., the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum features over 100 hands-on exhibits about science, arts, and humanities. There is an everyday living section where children can pretend to pick a job, earn a paycheck, conduct bank transactions, go shopping, and do the groceries for them to experience the tasks typically available for adults. There is also a section where children can simulate what it is like to be physically impaired. They can also explore a science tower with fiber optics and a weather station.

Nevada State Museum and Historical Society
700 Twin Lakes Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107; 702-486-5205

The Nevada State Museum and Historical Society is a state agency and an educational institution that serves as a museum for the advancement and understanding of the natural history of Nevada, with emphasis in Southern Nevada and its relationship with its surrounding areas. Aside from hosting national and international traveling exhibits in many of its gallery spaces, it has the three permanent exhibits Biological Sciences, Regional History, and Earth Sciences. This museum continues to grow as it continuously collects, researches, interprets, and preserves the state’s past and present heritage.

Marjorie Barrick Natural History Museum
University of Las Vegas Campus, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada; 702- 895-3381

The Marjorie Barrick Natural History Museum offers a dedicated collection about native cultures in the Southwest and Central Americas. It carefully illustrates the natural history of Southern Nevada and its bordering regions and also serves as a valuable learning facility for students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). This regional center for natural history features survival arts and native artistry of the Southern Paiute, dramatic weavings of the Navajo, beautiful carvings of the Hopi, dance masks of Mexico, and huipils of Guatemala. Guests can explore the earlier periods of Las Vegas, the building of the Hoover Dam, and the pre-Columbian cultures. Many of its exhibits also showcase diverse and fascinating wildlife and fragile ecosystems.

Best Museums in Las Vegas, Nevada
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As an occasion of ethnic pride celebrated throughout Mexico and the U.S., the Cinco de Mayo festivities in the Las Vegas area offer a lot of great food and drinks, fun events, and themed contests around the valley.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at The Chef’s Table

Star and Will’s Residence 10029 Artistic Walk Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89149

Keeping up with the Mexican tradition of eating, drinking, dancing and celebrating during the occasion, the Chef’s Table invites guests to celebrate with them the annual observance of the Mexicans’ historic day of unity and patriotism on May 1, 2010, 5:00 p.m. Guests are expected to enjoy festival food including Barbacoa, Carnitas, Arroz, Frijoles, Pico De Gallo, Tortillas, Chips and Salsa, Pan Dulce, and Margaritas. There will also be a salsa contest for those who can whip-up the best homemade salsa. Those who are interested should bring their labeled entries during the celebration.

There is a $10 per person fee to be collected at the door. Reservations should be made on or before Apr. 29, 6:00 p.m. There is an option not to pay the $10 fee by bringing a bottle of tequila. Interestingly, there is a welterweight boxing match on the same night: Mosley vs. Mayweather. And if there’s enough interest and donations, guests can enjoy watching the pay-per-view fight while enjoying the rest of the festivities. The event will be hosted by Star M and Vernalisa, The Party Chef.

Lindo – Centennial’s The Gringo and Me ‘Cantina’

7870 W. Tropical Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89149

The Lindo Michoacan Gourmet Mexican Cuisine invites everyone for the 2nd Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Lindo Centennial. On May 5, 2010, guests will enjoy festivities all day long with food, beer, and margarita specials, the featuring of the Karma Tequila (a top shelf 100% blue agave tequila); the live Mariachi Band “Mariachi Franco” performing from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., the Lindo T-shirt Giveaway, the FUZE Jamis Mountain Bike and Coleman Roadtrip Grill Giveaway, and the featuring of the Karma Tequila Girls to further spice up the occasion.

Pre-Cinco de Mayo Celebrations at the Rio Hotel

3700 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103

A two-day event intended to kick off a weekend before Cinco de Mayo 2010, the Pre-Cinco de Mayo at the Rio Hotel and Casino will feature the most popular Tejano bands including popular groups and folk and regional performers at the hotel’s pavilion.

The Friday event will feature: David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, Roberto Pulido Y Los Clasicos, Chente Barrera, Tobias Rene and Gabe Nieto and Jalapeno Express. The Saturday event will feature: Little Joe Y La Familia, Flaco Jimenez, Augie Meyers and Charlie Rich, Jr.

Comedian Rick Martinez at Harrah’s The Improv

3475 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

May 3, 2010 shall mark an early celebration of Cinco de Mayo at the Harrah’s Hotel and Casino by sharing a few margaritas and laughs with Latin comedy sensation Rick Martinez. Bringing his style of hilarity to The Improv stage by 8:30 p.m., this special one-night-only performance by the Mr. “Spicy Latino Nights” himself will offer Latino music and stand-up comedy performances for guests to enjoy.

Tickets are sold at $19.75 (plus applicable taxes) for general admission and $27.45 (plus applicable taxes) for VIP tickets. The VIP treat includes special seating, meet and greet with Rick Martinez, and a complimentary T-shirt. Tickets can be purchased at the Harrah’s Box Office (702-369-5223) and online at

Erik Estrada at the Tacos & Tequila’s 12-Hour Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

3900 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

Erik Estrada will host the tribute to Tacos and Tequila’s (T&T) most beloved holiday on the second annual 12-hour celebration of Cinco de Mayo on May 5, 2010 (starting at 11:00 a.m.). T&T at the Luxor Hotel and Casino will provide sizzling Cinco de Mayo food and drink specials, a Mariachi happy hour from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., “Cock-a-Doodle Duel” competitions, and an action-packed fiesta hosted by former “CHiPs” star and Cinco de Mayo celebrity favorite Erik Estrada.

Estrada and surprise guest judges will also host the Tacos & Tequila’s “Miss T&T Hot Tamale” pageant. Guests will expect a stunning lineup of Vegas’ hottest muchachas to go head-to-head in a competition of brains, beauty, and brawn. The winner will receive $5,000 in cash and will become a spokesmodel for T&T and Hennessey Black.

2010 Cinco De Mayo Celebrations in Las Vegas
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3D movies are actually older than most people think. Way before the latest 3D craze of our times, a number of 3D flicks during the 80’s were already hitting the box office. In fact, the 50’s and even decades earlier all became witnesses to a number of 3D movie offerings. The catch of these older movies (mainly using the anaglyph-style 3D via those red and blue glasses) was how they tend to amaze the viewers with that so-called “jump of the screen” effects.

Now, in the era of IMAX 3D, Real 3D, and Dolby Digital 3D, this best 3D movies list rekindles the long-gone hype of what 3D technology can offer to the big screen.

Since the resurgence of 3D movies from the mid-2000’s to March 2010, I have been personally hoping to catch the old 3D movies of yesteryears, then have them compared with what the modern times offer. But for now, these films from the new era of 3D filmmaking (using 3D stereoscopic technology) are my best picks for the Top 5 Best 3D Movies List as of March 2010:

1. “Avatar”
Year: 2009
Director: James Cameron
Cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Joel Moore, Giovanni Ribisi, and Michelle Rodriguez
Plot: After the sudden death of his twin brother, the paraplegic war veteran Jake takes his place in a mission to infiltrate the Na’vi, a humanoid race from the distant world Pandora, through the use of an avatar. In exchange for the spinal surgery to fix his legs, he submits to the instructions of the military authorities and corporate executives, only to find himself torn between the greed of his own race and the need and value of an alien civilization that he begins to embrace.

This bold 3D eco-opus examining technological wonders and morality is totally jaw-dropping in stereoscopic 3D. Period.

2. “U2 3D”
Year: 2007
Director: Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington
Cast: U2 as themselves (Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., and The Edge)
Plot: With everything entirely shot with more than a dozen 3D cameras, U2 3D offers a groundbreaking concert movie featuring the legendary band U2’s 2006 “Vertigo” tour.

This rock documentary provides a perfect marriage of surround sound and 3D visuals that it felt like attending a real concert. At the IMAX theater, I and the rest of the viewers were standing, singing, holding up concert stuff, and jumping from our places with an energy like that from a real concert.

3. “Deep Sea 3D”
Year: 2006
Director: John Hall
Voice Narration: Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp
Plot: As a 3D nature documentary exploring the awe-inspiring depths of the oceans around the world and their marvelous creatures, this film becomes a spectacular journey around the homes of the many aquatic wonders of the planet.

This visually enticing 40-minute film offers a worthwhile 3D experience. It is breathtaking, educational, and so full of life. From the stunning and colorful species to the grotesque and weird sea creatures, it allows the audience to really feel the valuable presence of all these life forms and how significant they are in a world that humans should fairly share with them. How engrossing this short but meaningful movie is? Many of us inside the theater ended up personally touching mid air for several times to feel those majestic fishes that were seemingly right in front of us.

4. “Coraline”
Year: 2009
Director: Henry Selick
Voice Cast: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders, Keith David, and Ian McShane
Plot: Based on Neil Gaiman’s novel, this 3D stop-motion animation project offer tells the story of the little girl Coraline who moves to an old house and discovers an alternate version of her life there. Feeling bored and neglected by her parents, she finds solace on the parallel reality of this other version of her world (where everybody has buttons instead of eyes). She initially finds it way much better than her real life. However, her adventure gradually turns into danger and she struggles to find her way home to save her real family.

This animated offering sets a significant template on how 3D films should be. It provides great storytelling, just enough “jump-out-at-you” moments, and a fantastical vision though its dark fantasy treatment. It effectively envelops the audience with an immersive adventure the way Coraline experiences it. The 3D imagery is utilized for the best of the film instead of becoming a mere 3D cash-cow gimmick.

5. “Beowulf”
Year: 2007
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Robin Wright Penn, Crispin Glover, and Angelina Jolie
Plot: The Danish king Hrothgar succumbs to the havoc initiated by the monstrous troll Grendel. He offers rewards for his death and the great warrior Beowulf lives up to the task. He soon becomes king. However, his darkest secret gets back at him decades after when Grendel’s evil mother, whom Beowulf had a life-enduring bargain with before, brings to his kingdom its worst nightmare.

Zemeckis’ foray into the world of actor-based computer animation turns this classic literary tale into a different kind of sensory experience in 3D animation format. It blends CGI, motion capture, and 3D sterescopic technologies to bring a level of 3D appeal that has become a pioneer for its time.

Top 5 Best 3D Movies List 2010
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2010 Local Easter events in Las Vegas

Local Easter events in Las Vegas provide bonding and celebration opportunities to children and their families.

Alice and the Mad Hatter’s Dance Along Celebration (1300 W. Sunset Road, Henderson, NV; 702-434-0202)

The Easter Bunny Arrival will feature an interactive show with Alice and the Mad Hatter’s Dance Along Celebration and a parade at the Galleria of Sunset Mall’s Center Court. Children can have their photos taken with the Easter Bunny during mall hours from Mar. 13 to April 3, 2010. Each kid will also receive a free activities book after the photo session.

Family Flashlight Easter Egg Activity Night (Mirabelli Community Center 6200 Hargrove Ave. Las Vegas, NV; 702-229-6359)

The children and the whole family can enjoy carnival games and a Flashlight Egg Hunt meant for ages walking up to 12 years old on March 26, 6 p.m. This Family Flashlight Easter Egg Activity Night offers free admission to all the games and activities. Advance registration is recommended.

Easter Festival Egg Decorating Workshop (East Las Vegas Community/Senior Center, 250 N. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas, NV; 702-229-1515)

Create personalized Easter eggs with instructor Bobbie Ann Howell on Mar. 27, 2010, from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The works are meant for display as official entries to the Easter Festival Egg Decorating Contest. The competition is open from ages 7 to adult. The $3 fee includes supplies needed for the workshop.

Easter Cultural Festival (East Las Vegas Community/Senior Center Bandstand, 250 N. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas, NV; 702-229-1515)

Bring the whole family for fun and bonding with a number of Easter activities including art projects, games, live entertainment, Easter Bunny, and information booths at the Easter Cultural Festival on Apr. 3, 2010, from 12 noon to 3 p.m. Information will be offered in English and Spanish.

Arts and Entertainment – Other Events,” Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Local Las Vegas Events – March 2010,” Vegas4Locals.

2010 Local Easter events in Las Vegas
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Story & Screenplay
Production Design
Sound & Music
VFX/Animation (if any)
Acting/Voice Acting
Commercial Flair

This concert documentary offers an immersive experience simulating a front-row view and beyond of a U2 concert.

“U2 3D” is a spectacular, musically and visually superb experience simulating a front row view and beyond of a U2 concert, probably the closest you can get to the real thing at this point of time.

This concert film features cutting-edge technology that gives the viewers a better-than-front-row seat experiences as it establishes an uncommonly intimate and occasionally surreal bond between the legendary band and the audience.

Every development in the history of cinema has always been about making the experience more realistic, fun, and amazing. And for over a quarter-century, U2 has been recognized not only for their musical innovation, but for their incomparable gift on reaching to millions of fans through new technology; while keeping up with the band’s decades-spanning catalog of great music.

As the next best thing to attending a real concert with a ticket costing about ten or even a hundred times less, this 85 minutes of closely replicating the feeling of a live gig through 3D glory makes a solid rock experience that’s still quite new to the general film audience. Now, if you could just pipe in the smell of sweat, cigarette, pot, and beer, it would then be like going to a real concert with the bonus of meeting and seeing Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., and The Edge performing upfront. Then, you go behind them or on top of them at the most impossible angles.

From the breathtaking close-ups and panoramas to the convincing nature of the latest 3D technology, you get to watch the band members playing from a vantage point 4 feet above their heads. You get to see them face to face while reaching out to the crowd. And you get to see a wave of rocking concert-goers moving in unison inside a massive stadium lit by thousands of cellphones. Add up the 3D shots of multiple band members at the same frame with the final cut with as many as five 3D layers: this dazzling concert film exudes the true spirit of a U2 show.

The 3D visuals and multi-layering effects envelop you with a drift that fuses with the band’s surround-sound rapture. With a sound quality that is no less than impeccable, it creates a full-scale sensory high with the pleasure of its showmanship.

The immersive marvel of the music and sound mix are electrifying. Truly, it transforms a great rock spectacle into something intimate as you become similarly immersed like the crowds filling the South American stadiums of U2’s 2007 Vertigo Tour as they go absolutely mad for U2 music. Their wildly infectious enthusiasm is very much apparent with their hands waving to the every beat. Indeed, marrying advanced 3D imagery and 5.1 Surround Sound with the unique excitement of a live U2 concert makes “U2 3D” such an incredible performance captured in a medium that attains unique aesthetics of immediacy and humanity from the powerful rock quartet. And all these make this 3D film the next best thing to actually being in a live concert as of today.

Directed by Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington, “U2 3D” makes the project more than just a nifty 3D experiment. It elevates itself into a rock solid redefinition of 3D live-action filmmaking. For now, it captures the premier band’s live shows in a way that no other medium could. And it boasts of a truly immersive experience that shows the undubbed and purely live recording performances of one of the greatest rock bands, together with several of the greatest rock audiences of the world.

Shot on a number of stage acts of U2 shows mainly in Latin America, the production employs the greatest number of 3D cameras ever used for a single project. It is the first digital 3D, multi-camera, and real-time production reflecting the band’s longstanding embrace to technology. Produced by 3ality Digital Entertainment, the film comprises footages from seven different concert performances. A massive undertaking, the filmmakers create live-motion collages emphasizing constant, overlapping, and evanescent dissolves as the curving runways allow Bono, Adam, Larry, and The Edge to move far out into the crowd and make more accessible angles for their various movements.

The 3D effects inclusive of the new trick of layering the visuals to simulate shifting your focus from foreground to background is successful in making you feel that Bono and the crew are within arm’s reach. While also offering plenty of footages of the rapturous crowd in a sight of a hundred thousand stoked fans, you get so close that you swoop towards Bono’s face and his outstretched hand surging through the screen and seizing your own. And to keep the 3D engagement for more than an hour of fun movie experience, the filmmakers also add animated versions of U2’s backdrop videos while capturing the ecstatic joy of a massive rock show (most notably a series of icons suggesting that the world’s major religions are one and presenting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

In some ways, this 3D concert film is considerably superior to a real concert. This may vary in many aspects and points of view of people. But what mainly makes this a better option is how the sound is perfected in post-production that what you hear from your seat is the best surround sound you can really get. Moreover, you get even closer to the band and even get on stage and beyond as the 3D images bring you to the most impossible angles and the best view of the performers that even the most pricey concert ticket wouldn’t be able to provide. Furthermore, you don’t have to put up with the rowdy drunks who may block your view or you can simply avoid hysterically sweaty and smoking crowds. For those safety points, there would also be less probability of mobs, stampedes, fights, and annoying crowd members in dope and alcohol. And amidst all these, “U2 3D” makes you feel like you’re there in the crowd. And at the same time, you’re as close as you can get to being on stage with U2.

Personally, the strangers on my left while watching the film at IMAX were really enjoying the concert experience with their waving hands holding on to their lit toys and cellphones. And they were standing and moving to every beat while the visuals allow every person watching to see the band floating above the fans and riding their energy. And I found myself singing and shouting like I would probably do in a concert as well!

“U2 3D” is a world-class live act in its finest as of its release. Taking viewers in an extraordinary cinematic journey beyond the traditional concert film experience, it has a top potential in revolutionizing digital 3D technology. The 3D format may go a long way just like how technology has developed the 2D film as of today. And with the living legend U2 pioneering on this new kind of film experience, the epic nature of the U2 songs and stage acts blend them perfectly to this larger-than-life treatment for a band composed of masterful rock performers in their top form.

‘U2 3D’ Film Review: A concert experience for the price of an IMAX ticket
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