Rianne and Philip Wedding Photo Albums

July 30, 2015 - Families/Friends, Home, Image Gallery, Lifestyle, People, Personal Insights, Wedding
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We have eight wedding albums for that infinity effect. We opted for small, handy albums categorized accordingly, instead of a single huge and heavy one that only one person at a time can check out.

Here are our wedding photo albums I personally designed, each one printed via Shutterfly.

1. “Our Day” Album
This version shows the scanned copies of each album cover and page. A QR code is also included for easy access to the album’s online version, which shows the pristine digital copy of the album.

Our Day Wedding Album

As an alternative, use any of these two URLs for online access to the album’s digital copy:

Shorter URL:

Original URL:

This “Our Day” wedding album summarizes the turn of events during our wedding day in a relatively linear presentation from beginning to end.

2. “Our Wedding” Album


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