Rianne's Curriculum Vitae
Rianne Hill Soriano

Filmmaker. Writer. Production Artist.

E-mail rianne.hill.soriano@gmail.com

With her storytelling artistry, her distinct energy
in every shoot and every presentation makes an
interesting fire of creative ideas within her sphere.
Her set operates like a mise-en-scÚne of indescribable gusto,
a space where colleagues are geared toward genuine
audio-visual craftsmanship.
Aside from being a cinematic storyteller, she is a prolific writer
who loves sharing her knowledge and insights through words.
She is also a passionate educator who considers
knowledge and experience as her allies as an effective communicator.

Curriculum Vitae

(last update: April 2011)


University of the Philippines Film Institute (UPFI) (1998 to 2003)
BA Film and Audio-Visual Communication
* Kodak Film Awardee 2003 and Best Production Thesis 2003

University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) (2006 to 2007)
* Certificate Course in New Enterprise Planning (NEP)

University of the Philippines College of Music (2008)
* Extension Course in Voice (Classical)

Korea University (2008)
* International Studies, Korean Language and Culture - Scholarship from the Korean Film Council (KOFIC)

Asian Film Academy (AFA) (2009)
* Selected Filmmaker Delegate for the Busan International Film Festival (Busan, Korea)

Korean Film Council - Seoul, South Korea (2008)
* Trainee/Artist-in-Residence, Asian Film Professionals Training Program - Director/Writer

International Institute for Film Arts (IIFA) (2009)
* TV Commercials Directing Workshop (part-scholar)


* Directing, film consultancy, scriptwriting, cinematography, videography, photography, mixed media art, production management, and voice acting.

* Lecturer/educator for schools and speaker/facilitator in film and animation workshops and symposia.

* Works with various professional film and digital cameras.

* Works with Finalcut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Photoshop.

* Able to operate a number of document, imaging, and video programs from different operating systems for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

* Knowledgeable in basic HTML, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Avid, and Protools.

* Creative writing, copywriting, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

* Art direction and graphic design.

* Marketing and events management.


  • Freelance Director/Writer  (January 2006 – present)
  • Director/Writer - "CICT Animation Workshop and Tour Videos" of the Commission for Information and Communications Technology (CICT) (2011)
  • Director/Writer - "Philippine Creative Industry Video" of the Commission for Information and Communications Technology (CICT) (2011)
  • Director/Writer - "Intellectual Property Rights Video" of the Commission for Information and Communications Technology (CICT) (2011)
  • Co-director/Cinematographer - "Project May Trabaho Ka TV Commercial" of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) (2010)
  • Director - "CICT AVP" of the Commission for Information and Communications Technology (CICT) (2009)
  • Director - "Project Sam" 30's TV Commercial for Lifestyles/Intra Vitamin Supplement (2009)
  • Director/Writer- “Commission on Information and Communications Technology AVP" (2009)
  • Director - "The Making of the Animated Film Pasintabi (2009)
  • Co-director - "Project Donat" 30's TV Commercial for IIFA Workshop and Caritas (2009)
  • Director - "De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) School of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management - School Video" (2009)
  • Director - "De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) FOP Video" (2009)
  • Director - "DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies - School Video" (2009)
  • Director - "DLS-CSB Recruitment Video" (2008)
  • Director - "Scrapbooking Instructional Video" of Hallmark Philippines and All About Scrapbooking (sold at National Book Store, 2006-2008)
  • Director - “Sa Pagdating” Music Video (2008)
  • Director - “Kaibigan” Music Video (2008)
  • Director - "Spark: Tuldok Animation AVP and Libingan short film BTS video" (2007)
  • Unit Director/Videographer - “Galing Pilipino TV” aired at IBC 13 (2006)
  • Unit Director/Writer - “Pilipinas Online: Bantay OCW” aired at ABC 5 (2005)


* "Technophilia" (6 mins., 16mm short film, 2009)

- a Korean short film shot in Seoul during the filmmaker's stay for the Asian Film Professionals Traning Program of the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) - through the help of KOFIC, Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA), and Korea University
- 11th Cinemanila International Film Festival 2009 (Young Cinema Program), (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Chicago Filipino American Film Festival 2009, (Illinois, USA)
- Filipino American Cine Festival, San Francisco 2010, (California, USA)
- Filipino International Film Festival, Los Angeles 2010, (California, USA)
- Cinemalaya Filipino Independent Film Festival 2009 (Korean Shorts Exhibition), (Manila, Philippines)
- 5th Titus Brandsma Short Film Festival 2009, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Indie HD (2009 World Premiere at Gateway Cineplex 10, Quezon City, Philippines)

* "Pera-perahang Lata" / "Penny from the Tin Can" (29 mins., HD, short film, 2009)

- A film grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts
- Filipino International Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2010 (Closing Film), (California, USA)
- 1st Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival 2009 (Opening Film), (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Filipino American Cine Festival, San Francisco 2010, (California, USA)
- Hong Kong Filipino Film Festival 2009, (Hong Kong)
- Indie HD (2009 World Premiere at Gateway Cineplex 10 Quezon City, Philippines)

“An Encounter in the Woods" (15 mins., HD, narrative short film for the Asian Film Academy 2009)
Sound Designer/Sound Recordist

- Pusan International Film Festival 2009, (Busan, South Korea)

* "Aninag" / "Light's Play" (15 mins., 35mm short film, 2005)

- A film grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts
- New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 2005 (New York, USA)
- New York Filipino Film Festival 2005 (New York, USA)
- Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival 2006 (Hawaii, USA)
- Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market 2005, (France)
- Official Selection to UNESCO’s Audio-Visual E-Platform, (France)
- Roswell Public Library Film Event 2006 - Atlanta, (Georgia, USA)
- Indiemand: 1st Pi Omicron Independent Film Festival 2005, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Cinema Purgatoryo 2005, (Manila, Philippines)
- Pelikula at Lipunan Film Festival 2005, (Mandaluyong City, Philippines)
- Magnet Featured Films (First Films) 2007, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Feminine Force Group Anniversary 2007 Featured Film, (Manila Philippines)
- Short Film Preceding “Kubrador” Screening at Bichara Theater in Naga City 2007, (Bicol, Philippines)
- 4th Neo-Angono Artists Collective Public Art Festival 2007, (Rizal, Philippines)
- 3rd Place - Viva’s PBO Digitales Film Contest 2006, (Pasig City, Philippines)
- aired at cable channel Pinoy Box Office: 2006 to 2010, (Philippines)

* "Karsel"/ "Prison" (20 mins., 35mm short film, 2003)
Director/Writer/Director of Photography/Film Editor/Producer

- Best Production Thesis 2003
- 17th Gawad Urian Nominee for Best Short Film (Philippines)
- TAU International Film Festival 2004, (Tel Aviv, Israel)
- 1st Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival 2009, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Cinevita Film Festival 2008, (Manila Philippines)
- Eksperimento Film Festival 2004, (Manila, Philippines)
- Finalist - 1st Indeo Film and Video Festival 2004, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- UP Diliman Film and Video Festival 2004, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Pelikula at Lipunan Film Festival 2004, (Mandaluyong City, Philippines)
- 1st Pi Omicron Independent Film Festival 2004, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Celebrating Women - Women’s Week Film Fest 2004, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Featured film at the Feminine Force Group Woman’s Month 2007, (Manila Philippines)
- Illuminations: Awarded Student Films of the UP Cinema Arts Society, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- Finalist - International Women's Film Festival 2006, (Quezon City, Philippines)
- University of Makati Film Society Movietrip 2007, (Makati City, Philippines)
- aired at UniversiTV: 2007 to 2010, (Philippines)


Exposed in the different facets of media: film, TV, advertising, theater, radio, print, and web (Freelance Videographer/Photographer/Graphic Artist/Writer/Producer/Voice Talent)

  • Featured Contributor - Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Travel, Associated Content for Yahoo! and other Yahoo! sites (2010 – present)
  • Regular Contributor - Demand Studios (2010 – present)
  • Contributing Writer - Herword.com (Businessworld) (2009 – present)
  • Freelance Writer - various websites including Helium, Examiner, eHow, and Triond (2008 – present)
  • Associate Producer - "World Vision" Project - Streetpark Productions (February –March  2008)
  • Segment Producer - "Philippine Realty TV" / "PRTV" - Streetpark Productions (January – May 2007)
  • Senior Copywriter - MBS TEK Corp. (June 2006 – April 2007)
  • Professional Writer for Entertainment - Yehey.com (February 2005 – present)
  • Asst. Director - “Carry My Love” - Sarah Geronimo music video - Viva Entertainment (2006)
  • Asst. Director - “Latin Dance Instructional Video” - Regine Tolentino - Viva Entertainment (2006)
  • Asst. Director - “Bro” - Blue Ketchup music video - Viva Entertainment (2007)
  • Asst. Director - “We are One” - Slapshock music video - EMI (2005)
  • Asst. Director - “Ikaw Lamang Mahal” - April Boy music video - Star Records (2004)
  • Asst. Director - “Rich Fool” - an independent Christian Filipino-American film (2005)
  • Asst. Director - "Rosewood Pointe" AVP - Straightshooters (2007)
  • Asst. Director - "Winsource" AVP - Pitik-Bulag Productions (2007)
  • Asst. Director - "Convergys" AVP - Straightshooters (2007)
  • 2nd Asst. Director - A Political Ad for 2007 Elections - Straightshooters (2007)
  • Asst. Director - “Couple” TVC - Sky Cable (2005)
  • Trainee Asst. Director - "SCQ Reload" - ABS-CBN (2005)
  • Asst. Director - “Iskolar” - Grupong Tinta and UP Film Center (2004)
  • Performer/Musical Director - PETA laboratory productions - Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)  (2000-2001)
  • Ad and Promo Member - Hallmark Philippines (January 2005 – May  2006)
  • Contributing Writer - "Retail Advantage" and "Filstar.comm" - Filstar Distributors Corp. (2005 –2006)
  • Artist - 2006 Hallmark for L. I. F. E Christmas Card Collection - Designed the Hallmark Christmas Card “Makulay and Paskong Pinoy” (December 2006)
  • Freelance Dubber/Voice Talent - Animes/Telenovelas/Infomercials/AVPs/Films - "Timequest, Lazer Patrol, Solita, Home TV Shopping" (2000 - present)
  • Student DJ - Monster Radio RX 93.1 (May 2002 – Dec. 2004)
  • Student DJ - 106.7 Kool (Aug. 2000 – Aug. 2001)
    - Regularly went on board for "Radio 1" / "106.7 Skool"         
    - Well-trained in using the sound and broadcast equipment (console, cart, MD players)
    - Well trained in doing segues, newscasts, OBBs, CBBs, and AOBs and recording and dubbing plugs/commercials
    - Filled in for vacant time slots as DJ

* Showreel and sample works available upon request


Freelance Stage Manager - parties and events
- Stage Manager - Opening of "Mall of Asia’s Esplanade" (September 2007)
- Stage Manager - "IFM Pinoy Music Awards" (February 2008)
Host/Speaker/Facilitator - various art/writing/film workshops
- Speaker - "Independent Film and Animation Seminar" - E-Teleservices Phils. and Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI), SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia (February 2008)
- Speaker - Filmmaking Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Festivals at the University of the Philippines, University of Makati, Ateneo de Naga and many other schools, colleges, and universities (2006 – 2008)
Lecturer - UP SAMASKOM’s "LIVE AIDS" - an annual musical comedy-variety show at the UP Abelardo Theater, College of Music (1998 – 2002)
Lecturer - CICT Animation and Creative Content Workshops - conducted in various parts of the Philippines for the CICT Content Development Program (2011)


• TV Commercials at Videofilm Production Center (March – May 2001)
Production Assistant/Talent


  • Part-time Film Instructor - First Academy of Computer Arts - Directing, Film Photography, Scriptwriting, Digital Storytelling, Videography, Cinematography, Storytelling for Animators, Production Management, and Editing (June 2005 – 2009)
  • Lecturer - Colegio de San Lorenzo (Basic Photography, Advertising and Public Information, and Writing for Radio, Film, and TV, Videography and Editing (June 2007 – April 2008)


films, photography, production, visual arts, gadgets, cameras, swords and daggers, consoles, poetry, writing, web/internet, rock/alternative/classical music, events/parties, fashion, mythology, martial arts, meditation, singing, dancing, acting, painting, fencing


Fluent in English and Filipino; basic French and Korean


2008 – present   Fellow - Asian Film Professionals Training Program (Korean Film Council/KOFIC),                                        Colorwheel Studios
2010 – present   Yahoo! US (featured contributor), Demand Studios
2010 – 2011       Commission on Information and Communications Technology (consultant)
2009 – present   Asian Film Academy, Pusan International Film Festival (fellow), Herword.com -                              Businessworld (regular contributor)
2008 – present   Colorwheel Media Studios, Korean Film Council (trainee for the Asian Film                              Professionals Training Program), Korea University (Honorary Alumna)
2007 – present   Tuldok Animation Studios
2007 – 2008       Streetpark Productions, Colegio de San Lorenzo, V-Factor Events
2006 – 2009       First Academy of Computer Arts
2006 – 2007       MBS TEK Corp./U. S. Auto Parts Network/Partstrain.com
2005 – present   Yehey.com                            
2005 – 2006       Hallmark Phils./Filstar Distributors Corp., Galing Pilipino Movement TV
2005                    Pilipinas Online - Bantay OCW
2004 – 2006       Dubbers and Voice Shop
2004                    ABS-CBN
2002 – 2004       Monster Radio RX 93.1
2000 – present   Grupong Tinta (Film and TV Scriptwriters’ Group)
2000 – 2002       PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association)
1999 – 2002       106.7 Kool
1998 – present   UP SAMASKOM, Fencing Club, UP CAST (Cinema Arts Society)


Rianne has been exposed to the different facets of media: film, TV, advertising, theater, radio, print, web, and events. As a young and active soul, she immerses herself in various disciplines that drive her to learn and experience love and life. Performing during her high school and college years (theater, events, radio, TV and film) has guided her in dealing with various people and further establishing connections. Being a director, writer, producer, and production artist, she promotes a thriving collaboration of remarkable artists working within her sphere. For her, as life moves on, it is a realization of dreams and goals through unending learning and experiencing.